When you’re planning a quinceanera, you have some ideas. Some traditions that won’t change. Some absolutes that won’t budge.

But you also have questions. You have decisions. You have lists to make and revise. Hopefully, eventually, those lists will help to brighten an evening that will surely hold glorious dancing and uproarious laughing. Jolly, beautiful photographs will be kept for generations to come.

Whether you are the birthday girl, or the mother or the father, the aunt or the grandparent, we know that you are proud and you want the event to speak for the family, for the girl who is turning into a young lady. Perhaps you remember your own quinceanera and you know that this event will not be the same, but it will be special.

At Crystal Ballroom, we take every single moment to heart. We know that the first step taken in our Ballroom for any event is a special moment, one to be treasured. One to be held and remembered.

Yet we also know that you may need help making the space look just right. We know that you might want large round tables or you might want small ones. We know that you want to choose your own caterer and your own florist and you want someone person to help ensure that the event is perfect.

Contact us because we believe that we are perfect for you. We believe that our in-house designer can take any wish and breathe it into life. We know because we have seen it happen.