When planning your wedding, you have to combine the dreams you had as a little girl to the latest trends of the modern day. Of course, this means you have to stay on top of the latest trends that seem to change not only with the year but with the seasons. As your fall wedding approaches, it’s time to start seeing what the current trends are so that you can incorporate them into the decor and service at the Crystal Ballroom. Here are three fall 2017 wedding trends you should consider for your big day.


Forget expensive roses and lilies. This fall, it’s all about wild flowers and wine-colored dahlias play a starring role in the bride’s bouquet as well as the table centerpieces. Added to the table flowers and flowers around the room, you’ll see a lot of greens with ivy, eucalyptus, wheat greens and leafy branches. You might even see a few flowering twigs woven into these displays.


This fall, expect to see brides making the most of the space between the table tops and the ceiling above with tall centerpieces and candles. You might even see some more candelabras standing majestically on tables. Rustic and DIY are s

till hot, and fall brides will enjoy handwritten calligraphy on signage around the wedding and reception venue.


Who doesn’t love a good cake? Fortunately, only the outside and top is changing a little for the fall season. Forget seeing the bride and groom at the top of the cake! This fall, expect to see fresh flowers and greenery topping wedding cakes. Naked cakes have taken a new turn, and now, have a light, translucent coat of icing so you get the sweetness and can still see the cake underneath.

At the Crystal Ballroom, we love seeing what the brides do with their spaces. Call us today to find out more.