Oh, to be sixteen again. It’s the age when adulthood begins sinking in. Yet you are still a girl. Able to drive, attending the last years of school. Yet still under the roof of guardians. You are beginning to think about the future, but still able to enjoy the fullness of life. Friends, fashion, hair, and make-up. How many times do you hear the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Maybe you know the answer and maybe you don’t, but you are sixteen years old and just want to have some fun. But you’re also beginning to think about college and life after school.

We love Sweet Sixteen celebrations because they are the celebration of discovery. They are all about one girl becoming a woman. Truly, a sweet time.

We have seen Sweet Sixteen’s that go all-out pink. Sparkling confetti on the tables, magenta daisies, rosy dresses and Cinderella shoes are glamorous and lively.

Not into the whole pink thing? Try turquoise and lavender for a sophisticated take on the young girl’s celebration. Use bows, balloons, and poodles. Opt for peonies and lilies.

Contact us because we have so much more insight on your celebration and our venue is loaded with built-in glamour. Our hardwood dance floor will have your guests moving in awe. Our VIP canopy will have you feeling like a princess. Our impeccable service and in-house decorating team is ready to hear your wishes and help design your event to fit you.