That day you’ve waited fifteen years for is here! It’s time to say not only “¡Feliz cumpleaños!” but “¡Enhorabuena!” to a little girl who has become a young woman. Among other things, you now have to decide how you will decorate the venue where you will host the upcoming fiesta.

First of all, sit down with your precicita and ask what she likes. Favorite colors are always a good starting point. The white ceiling draperies of The Crystal Ballroom will match anything you can come up with. Due to the traditional quinceañera gown having a long, full, ruffled skirt, the traditional flowers on display at such celebrations tend to be roses, chrysanthemums, and carnations. Pom-pom shaped tissue paper flowers make good centerpieces and wall hangings. If your girl prefers weepy flowers like calla lilies and wisteria, this is acceptable. Perhaps she has a theme in mind that she’d like to act out on her big day. If she’s always dreamed of being a princess or a movie star, The Crystal Ballroom provides a 20-foot long red carpet complete with velvet ropes. If she’s always wanted to travel, include a backdrop of an exotic setting. A very imaginative girl might like a fantasy fueled setting like an enchanted forest, ancient times, under the sea or a galaxy far, far away. If she’s very fond of a certain style of music or dance, some ideas can be played off that as well.

If even the quinceañera to be is stumped for a theme, try something seasonal. If her birthday is in autumn, you can go for a spooky fun masquerade theme with sugar skulls and Katrina masks. If Día de los Muertes is quite a bit off, colorful leaves can adorn the base of a centerpiece. If her birthday is in winter, you can go for a crystalline winter wonderland theme with snowflakes, ice sculptures and lots of silver glitter to simulate newly fallen snow. If this gives your guest of honor an urge to belt out a chorus of “Libre Soy”, let her. If her birthday is in spring, go wild with the flowers (daisies and columbines especially) and consider a butterfly theme. Your daughter is metamorphosing into something beautiful, so the symbolism here is strong. For the summer birthday, go with a beach or luau theme with leis for everyone and a seashell-based centerpiece. Nautical themed decorations are the perfect way to express that no one knows how far she’ll go!

Still need some ideas? Well, you can never go wrong with balloons or candles. Just remember not to go with both! Helium is flammable. You need an archway for your big entrance that fits your theme or at least the color scheme. Peacock feathers are a good way to express pride in your growing girl if they match the color scheme. A backdrop behind the head table is both nice to look at and makes a great photo-op. Can’t afford a personal appearance by your girl’s favorite celebrity? A life-size cardboard cutout will do. Lighting itself can make or break the décor of a party, so it’s fortunate that The Crystal Ballroom is surrounded by color changing up-lights. Don’t worry too much about banquet tables, chairs, table linens, and chinaware; The Crystal Ballroom’s got all that! The most important thing to remember is to enjoy this special night with your special girl who is becoming a special woman. Contact us.