Prom season is almost here, and many high school students are making plans for this monumental step in their journey to adulthood. For many teenagers, prom is the first formal event they attend, so it is easy to understand the anticipation surrounding such an exciting occasion.

Not every student has the opportunity to go to prom. For some, the costs associated with the evening prove to put too much of a strain on many parent’s wallets. For others who opt out of a traditional public school education, prom may be an event that, over the years, has fallen by the wayside. Private schools often do not hold proms, but sometimes opt for formal banquets or school-sponsored trips or community service projects instead. While opportunities abound for many homeschooled students, usually the opportunity to attend a prom is not one of them, unless a friend from a different school invites them to attend their prom as their date.

Know a group of students that may be missing out on the high school prom experience? Consider hosting your own special evening, celebrating with your friends and their dates at your own party, held at one of our Florida ballrooms! Our event specialists can help you plan and coordinate an alternative to prom that has the potential to be just as memorable, and may even be more enjoyable!

At the Crystal Ballroom, our special event packages include not only site rental, but all the decorations and equipment needed to make your own personal prom a smashing success. Not only will your evening be one that is written about in your yearbook by all your classmates, but it will be one you and your friends remember for years to come.

Want to know more about just how simple and affordable planning your own prom at the Crystal Ballroom can be? Contact us today!