When a lot of people think about an Orlando ballroom wedding, they will tend to imagine women in long and fancy gowns and men dressed up like royalty. The ballroom wedding is the ultimate traditional wedding for a lot of individuals.

The Crystal Ballroom can certainly help people feel as if they are being transported back in time. The Crystal Ballroom has long banquet tables and delicate chinaware that will truly make most people think of another time right away.

However, ballroom weddings actually manage to be modern at the same time. For one thing, since the image of the ballroom wedding never really went out of style, it’s a part of the modern world just like it is part of the old world. There’s also the fact that there is no dress code at an Orlando ballroom celebration.

People could decide to wear modern suits and dresses if they wanted. This is the perfect setting for old-fashioned princess dresses and regal suits. However, modern clothing works just as well. Some people might decide to mix it up, giving them even more options.

The Crystal Ballroom itself embraces this image. Customers will get access to their sound system and spotlights, which are certainly very modern. However, the hardwood ballroom dancing area itself feels much more traditional. A lot of people have a fondness for both sorts of effects, and the Crystal Ballroom can let them feel as if they’re enjoying the best of both worlds.

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