Bride-hugging-2-bridesmaids-wearing-yellow-dressesIf you were truly impressed by the Beauty and the Beast movie that hit theaters in March, then you will be just as thrilled with these wedding decoration ideas that the movie inspired. Some of the most amazing wedding decorations came to light because of the airing of this movie. This article will discuss eight decoration ideas that are useful no matter what venue you choose.

1. Themed Invitations: Set the tone for your wedding by starting with invitations that carry the theme of the movie.

2. Photos: taking a picture of the bride while she is reading is a key to following with this movie theme.

3. Hair style: choose a half up hair style just like the one from the movie.

4. Bridesmaids: wearing yellow dresses is a great color choice for your bridesmaids. If yellow is not for you, then choose a dress that has yellow in it. That would be a great substitute.

5. Centerpiece: the enchanted rose is a fantastic choice for a centerpiece. All of the guests will instantly know where you got the idea from.

6. Table setting: Wrap each candelabra with roses for an added touch of romance.

7. Table decoration: choose a quote from your favorite novel, and have it framed for each table.

8. First dance: sharing your first dance beneath a chandelier as husband and wife is an extra added touch of the movie theme.

Finally, with all of these fantastic decoration ideas, now your decorations will be a breeze to choose. No more sitting around struggling to come up with ideas to make your wedding a hit.

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