One of the greatest things about hosting your wedding reception at the Crystal Ballroom is that you have the freedom to make all of your own choices. You can choose an all-inclusive wedding package, or piece together the perfect reception using the vendors of your choice. We give you the perfect location and all the necessary amenities, and you design the rest. After all, it’s your day, you should be able to make all the choices!

An open-vendor policy is great because you then have the opportunity to stick to a budget and save money on vendors. You can interview multiple vendors and find the best prices and services to suit your needs. You get to be the one to decide how and where you spend your budget. At the Crystal Ballroom you can utilize our list of well-respected vendors we have worked with in the past or seek out your own. You have the opportunity to customize everything when you can pick your own vendors. Your cake, your linens, your flowers…the list goes on and on. With that kind of flexibility you can shop around until you find the best prices for the things you want most.

Another money-saving benefit of an open vendor policy is that you can DIY all the things you’ve pinned on Pinterest, or have friends and family pitch in with their skills and expertise. This allows you to let your unique wedding vision shine through. Giving you the opportunity to include special family traditions into your wedding will create cherished memories.

When you choose the Crystal Ballroom for your wedding venue you can relax, knowing that all your choices and planning have come together smoothly to create your unique, special day because you have complete control over your wedding experience.