Young girls dressed up goofy for a photo at a party

Young girls dressed up goofy for a photo at a partyWhen it comes to your Sweet 16 birthday party, you want to really celebrate. Only a couple more years and you’ll be a full fledged adult, moving out and attending college, getting into the stuff of real life.

But wait, a teenager’s life is also a real life. It may look a little different than your parents’ current life, but it is absolutely supposed to.

Here, we’ve put together a few ideas that will make your party sing!

  • Colors: Go with a combination of two bright colors and one pastel or neutral. This will make your celebration look pleasing but also super fun and lively. (Alternately, a black and white party for a Sweet 16 also works well! In this case, have everyone dress in black and white clothing. It makes for some fabulous photos!)
  • Guest Book: Instead of just a book of signatures, use a scrapbook and have guests write notes on cards then glue them in. Allow guests to draw or stamp or calligraphy as they wish! (Alternately, set out a jar and allow guests to write notes to you and drop them in.)
  • Activities: Sure, dancing is a blast, but offer some different activities for your guests to do while at your party. Set up small games on each table. Hold a trivia game that poses questions about your life. If you’re inviting older friends or family, ask them to bring photos of themselves from their own “Sweet 16” days and hang them up. If not, consider hanging photos of celebrities when they were 16 years old.
  • The Photo Booth: You don’t have to have an actual photographer to have a photo booth. Simply provide some wacky props (the dollar store is perfect for finding these!) and a come up with a unique hashtag so photos can be taken and found easily.

On your Sweet 16, we hope that you celebrate big, and maybe even remind your parents about a little something called frivolity. Of course, you need to respect your parents and their budget because they are the ones who work and pay the bills and keep you from starving. But Crystal Ballroom may just be your ticket to the party of the century because our event packages make it simple to plan. So contact us, or better yet, have your parents contact us!