On the hunt for the perfect wedding venue in Orlando which will not break the bank and torpedo your credit cards? Never fear. As you look into locations, one recommendation consistently provides the best solution by far. Go ahead and shop around, but don’t settle on anything until you’ve checked out the Crystal Ballroom for quality and price. There is no other place like it when you are on the hunt for an affordable wedding venue in Orlando, Florida.

First of all, The Crystal Ballroom is beautiful.

That should check off one of the most important boxes on your list. The bottom line is that you need a memorable location, with hardwood floors for dancing and a sense of wonder.

The Crystal Ballroom offers many solutions and inspirations.

Here, you are not limited to one space. Our beloved building offers many breathtaking rooms to choose from so you will not pay for more room than you need. Nor will you crowd a joyous community of people who love you into too little space. Only this kind of choice of rooms within a premiere venue will guarantee the affordable luxury you deserve.

In addition, the Crystal Ballroom offers spectacular and optional amenities designed to make your event as easy to plan as possible. Be choosy as you look at our quality collection of banquet tables, chairs, linens and formal chinaware. Go lavish or keep it simple.

Let us provide a DJ ready sound system while you find the perfect talent to fit your budget and tastes. Our services are designed to work with you, not to limit your imagination.

Relax and contact us today. We know how to be the affordable “One Stop Shop” for all of your wedding and event needs, and we also know how to work with you as you economize and make your own choices.