Faced with the puzzle of where to hold your next event in central Florida, you may be tempted to look into solutions such as tents placed in yards or parks. For at least three reasons, renting a hall at the Crystal Ballroom is a superior choice.

1. Service and attention to detail matter most at your most important events

Don’t be left having to come up with design help to make sense of a rented party tent. Lighting experts on the Crystal Ballroom’s event staff will help you design the perfect uplighting and spotlights to make your event memorable in a hall they know very well. Event planners will help you put together a cocktail hour on the mezzanine level or an elegant coffee service. The people at the Crystal Ballroom will make your party shine.

2. Unlike many other venues, the Crystal Ballroom is your one-stop shop

This Orlando favorite wedding and party destination is known for its wide array of spectacular amenities designed to make your event as easy to plan as possible. Why risk having to go elsewhere for lighting or even tables when the specialists at the Crystal Ballroom can do all that and even provide stunning choices along with three sizes of banquet tables, chairs, table linens, and spectacular formal chinaware?

3. You deserve a hall with a real dance floor

Looking at tents with portable flooring to allow dancing or just to feel right underfoot in dress footwear? Temporary flooring will never attain the look and feel of real ballroom floors.  At the Crystal Ballroom, multiple gorgeous ballrooms make it the ideal venue to host everything from business conferences to weddings and parties.

Contact us to arrange a visit. We want to show you how we can surpass your demands and become the premier venue for all your future events.