When you’re looking for a Sweet 16 party venue, you’re looking for something with style. Something that is beautiful yet fun, lively yet classy. Something that speaks to 16 years of life.

We are that place. We know that every girl is unique and requires different things. We know that 16 years of life requires big celebration. Don’t worry about your day. We are here to help!

We love to celebrate and we get excited about each new event we get to host. We look at it as a privilege to help you. We pride ourselves on being a one-stop-shop event venue, complete with your choice of table decor and linens for everybody. We have a giant hardwood dance floor and a DJ ready sound system for all the moving feet that are coming to celebrate. We have an open vendor policy so you can search out any caterer you choose. Barbeque chicken and mashed potatoes? Go right ahead! Artisan pizza and lemonade? Bring it on!

Our in-house designer will speak to you during a free consultation about exactly what you want your event to be and will help to create the perfect atmosphere for you. We invite you to look through our gallery to see some of our past work, but don’t get stuck there. We love the uniqueness of you and are ready to make this day perfect for your life!

So contact us today and start your journey toward the next chapter of your life. Allow us to help you celebrate all the days so far and all the days ahead.