loving-couple-smiling-at-eachother-making-champagne-toastAre you celebrating a milestone Anniversary? Whether you are celebrating ten years of marriage or 50 years, the crystal ballroom at sunset harbor is the place to celebrate. When celebrating a milestone anniversary, all the family and friends are so excited to celebrate with you.

When you choose to celebrate at the harbor, you can choose what type of celebration you want. Celebrate during the day, or choose a night-time celebration with the sun setting. Celebrating on the harbor is a perfect place for an anniversary celebration.

Choosing a day celebration on the harbor is a wonderful way to include all of the family in a relaxed atmosphere. Whether you choose to take a dip in the water or relax in the sand, all of the family together to celebrate this occasion is a great thing.

Choosing a celebration at night on the harbor puts a different spin on the celebration. Starting this celebration at sunset is the perfect choice for picture-taking, relaxing on the harbor, and just spending stress-free time with family.

Celebrating an anniversary is such a momentous occasion. When planning your celebration, celebrate with the crystal ballroom at sunset harbor. There is no better place to celebrate than on the water with all of your family, and friends. This celebration is one that no one will soon forget. This type of atmosphere is one where memories are made.

For more information on celebrating your anniversary please, contact us. We would be delighted to help you celebrate this momentous occasion.