A lot of details go into planning a corporate event or company party. Whether you’re planning an awards ceremony for your employees or the roll-out of a new product for your best customers, you know everything needs to be perfect, which is why you selected the Crystal Ballroom as your event venue. One of the details you need to decide on is whether or not to offer alcohol at your event. The Crystal Ballroom provides an in-house bartender to handle the pouring of whatever you decide to serve. Here are some options to consider.


If you want to splash out, you can offer a menu of cocktails. You can even design a drink and name it after your company or a new product that you’re unveiling at the event. One way to keep costs down is to limit the number of drinks that each guest gets by issuing vouchers or tickets for drinks.


When you’re celebrating a special event for your company at a party for employees or an event for clients, you might consider offering a glass of champagne. Of course, you’ll want the head of the company to offer a toast or make an important announcement as the glasses of champagne are handed out to the guests.

Beer and Wine

These two beverages keep the event a little more low key on the alcohol side of things. You can even work with the caterer for the event and offering pairings with the appetizers and the beer and wine. If you do a pairing with the appetizers, your bartender will pour smaller glasses of both beer and wine, keeping your costs down and guests sober.

At the Crystal Ballroom, we want to help make your corporate event or company party a success with an included in-house bartender. Call us today to learn more.