When you have plans for a party with elegance and charm, selecting the venue can be the most important – and sometimes the most daunting – step in making your vision come to life.

At Crystal Ballroom, in our select locations around the Orlando and Central Florida area, we learn more about providing the best service possible with every elegant party we throw. We know the frustrations our clients had encountered when checking out other venues. We have honed our offerings to meet the budgets and expectations of the people who seek our services. We go the extra mile for them with exceptional attention to detail.

People love it here, as our testimonials show. But why would you choose The Crystal Ballroom?

  • You can bring in your own caterer. We have recommendations if you need them. But if you have a restaurant or catering service in mind, you can serve their food.
  • We decorate. Look through our gallery to select a package and then don’t give event design another thought. No need to get involved in bizarre dramas waiting for table runner fabric to be delivered from an online shop or any other design horror story you have heard about decorating a wedding or party venues. We know how to create the setting for your event in the colors you choose, all enlivened by our amazing uplights. Take a virtual tour of our sites or come on by to see how effective our one-stop-shop concept can be for you.
  • You are not stuck with some generic hotel bar at tourist prices: You select and provide the alcoholic beverages for your event. We offer a highly professional bartender, but you control quality and price by bringing in the drink. Whether you are staying on budget with a family sangria recipe or showing off your knowledge of rare extra-fine whiskeys, we’ve found that this policy makes our clients breathe a sigh of relief.

Reach out to us to get the ball rolling!