What if you found the venue you want for your wedding, but your friend or a family member just had their wedding there? Would it be weird for you to use the same place? We’re here to reassure you that this happens more often than you think, and it’s absolutely okay.

At popular venues like the Crystal Ballroom in Orlando, it’s not unusual for a guest at one of our events to start dreaming about having their own wedding or quinceanera at one of our fabulous ballrooms. You don’t have to feel like you’re copying someone else. In fact, there are quite a few advantages:

You’ve already seen us in operation: Almost any venue is going to look fabulous based on the pictures on their website and brochures. They may also tell you that they can handle any arrangements you want. However, the results don’t always measure up. On the other hand, you can feel more confident that a venue really does deliver what they say when you’ve already seen how they treat their guests, and you can ask a trusted friend or family member for their feedback.

Your guests may feel more comfortable: You probably have many connections in common with your friends and family so your guest lists will overlap. That means people will already know how to get to the venue, and what to expect.

You can still make your event your own: At a venue that specializes in attention to details like the Crystal Ballroom you can make your event distinctive even when it’s at the same place. We’ll work with you to arrange the decorations, entertainment, and other features that will make your wedding just right for you.

Whether you found out about us through your sister or you came across us online, contact us when you’re ready to plan your own wedding. You’ll love the one stop shopping and amazing event packages you’ll find at the Crystal Ballroom in Orlando.