Are you busy looking around for the best banquet halls in Orlando FL, to host your son or daughter’s graduation party? If so, may we suggest that you take time out to visit the Crystal Ballroom? We have three gorgeous locations. The first two are in Casselberry and Altamonte Springs. The other is on West Point Boulevard Suite in Orlando.

The West Point Boulevard Suite location is only a short drive from the Orlando International Airport and area hotels. Consequently, graduation party guests won’t have difficulty getting to the banquet hall or checking into a great place to stay. Plus, we’ve got ample parking on site and enough banquet space to accommodate up to 170 graduation party guests. So feel free to invite out-of-town family and friends too.

Not sure what kind of graduation party is best for your loved one? Don’t worry. Our experienced staff can help you plan the perfect graduation party down to the very last detail with our myriad of packages. Unlike other banquet halls in Orlando, Florida, ours includes everything you’d expect to have at a graduation party and more. As such, we can help take care of setting up centerpieces, specialty lighting, table linens, ceiling drapery and so much more.

At the best banquet halls in Orlando, Florida, our guests also have the benefit of choosing from several menus. And boy are the eclectic offerings every flavorful! For example, you could choose cilantro citrus pernil, arroz con gandules and a cocktail hour filled with other Latin delights. We’ve also got packages designed to represent the cuisine of the south, West Indies, Italy, the Mediterranean and other exotic locales. Furthermore, there are opportunities to choose from beverage options like coffee bars and vintage cocktails. To learn more and setup the perfect graduation for your child at the best banquet halls in Orlando, Florida, please contact us at the Crystal Ballroom today.