When you’re hosting a ballroom event, you are going for glamour. This is not a shabby shic or barnyard event, but an all-out day of beauty.

Your ballroom will have a few areas where design decisions will need to be made. At Crystal Ballroom, we are here to help! We have several options for chair covers, table linens, and china. We have three sizes of tables to accommodate any style and size. We love to use drapery to make everything more extravagant. Our vintage bar adds a piece of ambiance, and our very own decorator can help you pair our options with your personal event.

Because we know these are personal decisions. We know that you are a person and that the details of your event are important. We have thrown countless major events and we can say it is truly amazing to witness the variety that comes through our doors.

Once your ballroom decorations are decided, you want to ensure the lighting is perfect because the lighting has the power to make everything else shine. At the Crystal Ballroom, we can ensure state of the art lighting and we have expert lighting technicians to make it all work in perfect design with your event.

We invite you to contact us because we offer so much more that one blog will never be able to tell. The bottom line is that we want your event to be spectacular, and the only way we can help is if you give us a call and tell us about yourself.