If you’re dreaming of a low key wedding, the best venue for you may be banquet halls in Orlando Florida. You can have it all when you enjoy a beautiful and memorable wedding with a minimum of stress and a fabulous Florida destination.

What makes a wedding low key? Obviously, the term can have very different meanings for different couples, but these are a few things to keep in mind:

Turn off the phones: If you prefer to focus on the present experience instead of taking pictures of every detail, you may want to be selective about how you use technology. You can ask your guests to turn off their phones at least during the wedding.

Simplify the arrangements: It may be a matter of quality over quantity. You can create an elegant effect by paring down your decorations and wearing something you love instead of trying to look like a recent celebrity bride. When it comes to the menu, comfort foods and childhood favorites may be even more satisfying than some gourmet dishes.

Use less paper: Maybe save the date cards, elaborate invitations, and various kinds of table cards and holders are important to you. Otherwise, especially if you have a small wedding, you may be able to print less and save more.

Delegate it: When you choose a venue with a solid reputation and the option to hire a Day of the Event Coordinator, you can relax. It’s a lot easier to look calm and low key when you know that your wedding is in good hands.

At the Crystal Ballroom in Orlando, we take pride in our gorgeous banquet halls and our ability to give each wedding couple the very best in personalized service so they can have their wedding the way they want. Whether you want a low key wedding or a more formal event, contact us to learn more about our superior service and affordable packages.