You meet someone. You fall in love. Time passes and before you know it you know this is the person you can’t live without; this is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Then comes the hard part: Where the heck do you get married?

In a modern world where we’re prone to choosing temporary and convenient over quality and permanence weddings are a massive exception. When it comes to celebrating the commitment to love someone forever you should accept nothing but the best flowers, food and venue of course.

Orlando residents are lucky to be able to choose to have a Crystal Ballroom wedding. The Crystal Ballroom has multiple beautiful and ornate ballrooms making it an ideal venue to host your special day. The Crystal Ballroom is a one stop shop for all of your wedding needs.

The Crystal Ballroom offers banquet tables, chairs, linens, and gorgeous formal chinaware. Want a spectacular dance party for your reception? Crystal Ballroom’s got you covered with a massive dance space, beautiful hardwood flooring and a bumping DJ ready sound system. Event planners on staff will help you plan the perfect cocktail hour at the sleek vintage bar on site.

Everyone’s wedding should be truly unforgettable so why settle for a venue that’s forgettable? The Crystal Ballroom is often called the hidden jewel of Orlando. They believe that service and detail are two things that cannot be sacrificed in the planning of your wedding. Contact us today to start planning your special day!