It’s an exciting time when you’re planning your daughter’s quinceañera. From flowers and dances to food and a gorgeous dress, there’s a lot that goes into planning this magical night in your daughter’s life. The first step was to find a venue for her quinceañera. Of course, with such a lavish party, it’s going to cost a lot of money. If you’re having the quinceañera at the Crystal Ballroom, there are a few ways that you can save money. Here are some things to consider.

Make Your Own Party Favors

To thank all of your daughter’s guests for attending this special event, you want to send them home with a gift. Don’t waste a lot of money on generic party favor. You can consulate Pinterest and other websites to find some easy to make party favors that are special for your guests. They’ll appreciate the time and effort that went into the gift.

Cook the Food Yourself

At the Crystal Ballroom, we offer a liberal open door policy. With this policy, you can make all of the food for your event and avoid the cost of a caterer. You can make all of your daughter’ favorite dishes for her special day. This saves you the hassle of finding a caterer who can make her favorite dishes and avoid paying inflated prices.

Bring Your Own Beverages

With the open door policy at the Crystal Ballroom, you can bring in your own beverages to your event venue. We can provide you the bartenders to mix drinks. With a lot of family members attending this event, you might consider offering alcohol to the adults. Bringing in your own beverages from sodas to beer can save you a lot of money.

At the Crystal Ballroom, we want your daughter’s quinceañera to be a success and a party that she’ll remember for the rest of her life. Contact us today for more information.