Your big day is approaching. Maybe it is the wedding you have been dreaming about since you were twelve. Or maybe your daughter is turning fifteen and you want to celebrate the milestone with a Quinceañera. Whatever ceremony or celebration you are planning, it is easy to get wrapped up in the details of the event without even booking a venue. Before you know it, you’ve got your flowers but no tables to put them on. You’ve picked your music but your DJ has no sound system to plug into. It’s time to prioritize your planning and secure your venue first.

  • As soon as your boyfriend drops to one knee with that little box, or as soon as your best friend mentions they want a huge party for their 30th birthday, contact us at Crystal Ballroom to secure a date. Why? Because it will keep you in control of the cost. Once venues hear the desperation in your voice as you realize you still don’t have a location for your event, they will use any excuse to tack on “fees” and drive up your price while making themselves appear as the “good guys” by helping you out in a pinch. At Crystal Ballroom, we have your best interests at heart from the beginning. Booking early will give you flexibility in choosing from one of our five locations and whether you’d like your event inside or outside. Even with us, if you wait until the last-minute, your choices will be more limited.
  • All of our locations have an open vendor policy. When you book your venue first, the possibilities will seem endless as you deliberate which vendors will best suit your needs and help you achieve the overall atmosphere you’ve envisioned. Once again, you will have the freedom to name your price and remain in control of any “hidden fees” or “price hikes” if you secure your venue early.
  • Our event planners can help walk you through the, exciting but often overwhelming, process. Once you’ve secured your venue with Crystal Ballroom, we can go over your vision for the event, from the generalities of “overall vibe” to specifics of lighting, table cloths, and perfect cocktails. While you choose the vendors and name your price, our event planners can help keep you on track and make sure you’ve thought of every detail.

It’s easy to get swept away with planning a large event. Flipping through magazines or scanning social media sites make everything easily accessible and tends to persuade you to keep planning, the venue will come. But Crystal Ballroom understands the need to secure your venue first, so that you can control the cost and allow the venue to help crystallize your vision into reality. Contact us to review or packages and pricing and keep us in mind for your next event needs. We’d love to celebrate with you at the “hidden jewel” of Orlando.