Beach weddings are fantastic events. Always with a casual beauty remaining, even if the reception is held inside, just the knowledge that waves are crashing outside will bring a wonder to your guests.

Crystal Ballroom began in Orlando, but now we have locations all over Florida. Two of our new locations, in Tampa Bay and in Daytona Beach, can give you this gift of ocean majesty.

Imagine: your toes in the sand and the wind blowing against you, a forever metaphor for the love you share with your brand new spouse. The sand moves around but still remains the foundation for a grand mystery. The water, strong and forever waving without machinery to make it go. You and your love will stand there and gaze, a photographer capturing you as the sun sets and the water glistens.

Inside, the Crystal Ballroom gives you the chance for a stress-free event. We can plan and decorate according to your desires. We already have everything to set up your event, including three sizes of tables, all the chairs and linens that you could ever want. We have wonderful ideas about how to set up a lasting beauty. Our staff is ready to hear from you, so contact us today and set up your free consultation. Check out our event packages to get an idea of what we can do, and take comfort in the knowledge that the price is set. You will already know exactly what you’re getting, but let us assure you that you will certainly be in awe when you step into your own day at the Crystal Ballroom