Your wedding is your special day. Everyone knows it. From Disney movies to rom-coms, our culture places a special emphasis on tying the knot. Expectations have evolved from a simple gathering of close family to an extravagant party for your entire social circle. But your childhood daydreams might clash with the reality of your budget. Here’s how to have the wedding you want for a price you can afford.

Save on the Dress

Does it really make sense to spend thousands on an outfit that’s just for one day? Save room in your budget by looking for sample sales or annual sales that might offer a big discount. And don’t be afraid to buy a used dress instead. Remember, it’s only been worn once! If donning another bride’s gown doesn’t feel quite right, take it to a tailor for custom alterations to make the dress your own– all for less than you might have spent on a new one.

Pare Down Photography

Of course you want pictures of your big day, but wedding photographers are rarely cheap. Photographing a wedding is a time-consuming affair, of course, but there are still ways to save. Ask yourself what’s really important to you: will you ever rewatch that DVD of your vows, or can you skip the videography? Maybe you really want a few key pictures of the ceremony and the wedding party. If so, book the photographer for just an hour or so instead of ordering the all-day package. If you can’t bear to leave any part of the day undocumented, look around for photography students or professionals just starting their business who are eager to build their portfolio.

Timing Is Everything

One of the best ways to stay within your budget is to have your wedding at an off-peak time. Different vendors have different definitions of “off-peak,” but usually it’s somewhere between November and April. And instead of holding your wedding on a Saturday afternoon or holiday weekend, consider Friday evenings, Sundays, or even sometime mid-week to get married. It’s not quite as convenient as a Saturday wedding during peak season, but the savings can be substantial.

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