Whether you are planning on getting married in just a few months or you have over a year to plan your wedding, if you are the bride-to-be, you might be worrying about what shoes to wear on your wedding day. While no one pair of shoes is perfect for every bride, there are a few popular shoe options for brides.


Many brides choose to wear high-heels on their wedding day; they are often considered more formal than other shoes. High-heels are a good option if your fiancé is significantly taller than you, and you want to split the height difference. Some women avoid high-heels if they are either taller than their fiancé or about the same height. Height should not be the only reason you do or do not wear high-heels. If you are wearing high-heels, make sure you break them in before your wedding day, especially if you do not often wear high-heels.


Many brides find dressy flats to be a good option for their wedding day. They are often more comfortable to wear for the long day than high-heels. Plus, if they are slip-on shoes, they can easily be kicked off for dancing or when you are tired of wearing shoes.


Flat sandals are often a fun option for brides, especially if you are getting married during the summer. Sandals allow your feet to breathe better than many other types of shoes. Sandals can include beading and other decorations to make them look gorgeous for your wedding day. Barefoot sandals are even an option, particularly if you want a beach wedding feel.

Of course, these are not the only shoe options for your wedding day. Some brides wear cowboy boots, running shoes, or other shoes. One important thing to remember is that unless you are wearing a shorter wedding dress, most people will not even see your shoes. When your choice is style or comfort, go for comfort. As an alternative, you may want to wear one pair of shoes for the ceremony and pictures, and have another more comfortable pair to wear the rest of the day.

Of course, you need a great wedding venue where you can wear your shoes. Contact us to plan your wedding at the Crystal Ballroom of Tampa Bay or another of our great locations.