Who’s paying for your wedding? The old rules about the bride’s family paying for the church, and the groom’s family paying for the honeymoon are a lot less rigid than they used to be. Many modern couples are covering more of the expenses themselves, and most people focus on finding an arrangement that works for everyone’s family budget. However you divide the costs, there is one thing you can count on. Cheap Orlando wedding venues will help everyone save money.

At the Crystal Ballroom, we love doing anything we can to make it easier for everyone who’s contributing to your wedding. While you’re deciding what arrangements work best for you, you might like to know what the traditional guidelines were for a wedding budget:

The Bride’s Family: If you watch old movies, you’ve probably seen weddings where the father of the bride was expected to pay for just about everything. That meant the church, the wedding gown, the invitations, and most of the reception costs.

The Groom’s Family: In addition to the honeymoon, the groom’s family did have some other expenses. That included the bride’s rings and bouquet, and the wedding license.

Money can be a sensitive subject so try to stay positive and respectful when you’re discussing your wedding arrangements. Find out how much money you’ll have to work with, track your spending, and be grateful for everything you receive so you start your married life with loving hearts and happy minds.

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