Congratulations on your engagement! We know this is such an exciting time for you – marrying the one you’ve been waiting for. And if that’s happening for you in 2017, you have some planning to do!

While your upcoming wedding is cause for jubilation, it may also bring something else with it: the pressure of a tight timeline. There are so many things to consider – where, when, and HOW? If you’re on a short schedule, there can be a lot of stress finding everything you need – and ensuring that it’s not already booked up.

Fortunately, the Crystal Ballroom still has 2017 dates available! Best of all, if you have some flexibility on the date for your big day, you’ll have the added benefit of being able to negotiate fantastic rates!

Because you’re on a shorter timetable, please know that we aim to be a “One Stop Shop” for all of your wedding needs. We are able to take care of several individual tasks at once, eliminating extra stress and hassle for you. Here are just some of the amenities we offer:

1. We have four gorgeous locations available for you! Choose from Casselberry, Daytona Beach, Orlando, or Alamonte Springs. Book the venue that speaks to your needs the most!

2. Event Design Services. Our design team has extensive resources at their disposal to fulfill your every wish: we have every color available, and we also offer wow-factor pieces: think backdrops, up lighting, and even a VIP event canopy, complete with crystal chandelier!

3. Refreshments. For our evening events, we offer an amazing vintage bar AND a charming, chic coffee service. No worries on what to serve your guests!

Here at the Crystal Ballroom, we pride ourselves on excellence in all we have to offer – from decor to amenities, you can be comfortable in knowing that our focus remains on bringing your dream wedding to life.

Contact us today to book your dream wedding for 2017!