Lake Eola Park, Orlando Florida

If you are planning a wedding on a budget, there are many ways to cut costs. But the most important thing you need to do when you start planning a wedding on a budget is to prioritize. Couples have different priorities; like amazing flowers, designers dresses, or top-notch wedding photography. If you want an amazing venue at a reasonable price, Crystal Ballroom has wedding packages that fit your budget and provide the high quality seek. There are no compromises here when you choose Crystal Ballroom.

What We Offer

Crystal Ballroom has six breath-taking locations throughout Florida. There are many features included in the price and you get to customize certain aspects as well with our open vendor policy. Working with our event planners for no additional cost, we will plan out the color schemes, customized center pieces, and elegant decor that will wow your guests. You will have access to our linens, tables, chairs, and formal chinaware. Our dance floor is prefect for you party and our sound system is DJ ready. You get to bring in a DJ of your choosing and well as catering you love.

Wedding Planning Made Easy

Your guests will be amazed by the beauty of the venue and you will have the satisfaction of knowing you weren’t nickel-and-dimed for each of our unique features. With Crystal Ballroom, you won’t have to hire a wedding coordinator or spend hours doing DIY projects to get the effect you want. We have all the decor and expertise to help you pull off your dream wedding. For more information, contact us at the Crystal Ballroom today.