Your wedding day should be about the things you and your beloved cherish almost as much as you do each other. If pizza is one of your go-to dishes, don’t be afraid to include some slices with your favorite toppings as part of your wedding celebration. It’s one more way to have a beautiful and memorable experience at affordable wedding venues in Orlando Florida such as the Crystal Palace.

First of all, let there be no doubts that pizza can be classy as well as popular. Plus, melted cheese seems to make just about anything taste a little better.

Dress it Up: You can stick to a basic pizza pie if that suits your personality or you can opt for something a little bit more gourmet. Once you get started, there’s no end to the options for special sauces, toppings, and crusts. Even just cutting your pie up into tiny squares instead of the usual big triangles can make it look a bit more elegant.

Treat the Kids: Your youngest guests will probably appreciate any opportunity to eat pizza. It may help keep them entertained while the grown-ups mingle.

Make Mine to Go: How about sending some pizza home with your guests who may still be hungry? You could even have take-out pizza boxes custom printed with a special message expressing your affection and gratitude along with the food.

Contact us at the Crystal Palace of Orlando if you want to take the stress out of wedding planning, and guarantee that your wedding will be a raving success. Thanks to our very open vendor policy, you can choose your own caterer, and enjoy the flexibility of bringing any food and drink you want, including pizza.