With your wedding day coming up at a frightening speed, you’re in full planning mode. When you select a venue at the Crystal Ballroom in Metro West, you get the option of choosing your own caterer and enjoying a meal that you want instead of what we offer. Of course, the type of food served at weddings follow trends just like everything else about the wedding. From flowers to dresses, what is hot one year cools the next year. You want to bring your wedding guests a hip and exciting experience to celebrate your special day. Here’s a quick peek at the upcoming food trends in 2017 for feeding your guests.

Customized Menu Options

In 2017, the bride and groom will enjoy more say in what meals get served. Instead of the caterer offering a set menu, they will listen to the bride and groom’s preferences. This can be food items that are unique to the wedding party’s cultural or maybe recreate the couple’s first meal together. Whatever you want to serve your guests will be on the menu.

Local Favorites

No matter where you live, there are local favorites from Philly cheese steak sandwiches to shrimp and grits. This year, many brides will select local favorites for their menus and for their guests to enjoy. Many caterers will start to offer a farm to table feel so that the ingredients are fresher and more tasty.

Perfect Pairings

For cocktail hour and midnight snacks, you can order up pairings that go well together. For example, a shooter of tomato soup with a quarter of a grilled cheese sandwich or a mini margarita with spicy tacos either chicken, beef or fish. Your caterer can help you pick out the perfect pairings for your menu.

At the Crystal Ballroom, we offer a generous vendor policy so that you get the caterer you want at your wedding. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule a visit.